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More Characteristics of Internet Millionaires

By: Matt Bacak

You've read about the top 5 characteristics of internet millionaires, but there are additional characteristics that you'll find every internet millionaire possesses. If you want to emulate their success, begin today to cultivate these same qualities in yourself!

Every internet millionaire understands the importance of continuing education. They never cease to learn from other people. I knew a guy who made over $20 million on eBay during an eight-month period. Like Henry Ford, he made it a point to surround himself with people who were smarter than him. Both of these men experienced great success by using this strategy.

No one likes to fail, but the fast-paced world of the internet requires that you act fast when opportunity strikes. So, you cannot be afraid to make mistakes when developing your online business. If you're a perfectionist, you'll never get anything done because nothing will ever be perfect. We're all human, and mistakes are inevitable. So, take action, learn from your mistakes, and keep moving!

Use the feedback you receive from your customers to make contact with people and learn what your market needs and wants. You'll learn where your mistakes lie, and you'll learn what changes you need to make. Look for hidden feedback and clues in the things you hear people say. You'll discover a great deal about what people most desire. When you find out what people need, you can fill that niche with your internet business.

Find Role Models

What else do internet millionaires do? They model themselves after the successes of those who came before them. They know if other people have already figured out the road to success, all they have to do is model these systems and strategies.

Learn from what persuades you as a customer. The next time you receive a marketing email that causes you to buy, analyze the strategy. What is it that caught your attention? What made you trust the seller?

Be careful, however! There are three types of people: the thinkers, the talkers, and the walkers. There are those who have all sorts of great ideas. They say, "I thought of that!" but never take action on their ideas. Others are the talkers. Every week, they tell everyone their new great idea, but they never put it into action either. These are NOT the people to model yourself after!

The people you need to find are the walkers. They are the people who are out there making it happen and doing things the right way. If you model after these people, success will come to you a lot quicker and easier than you ever thought possible. Whatever your industry or niche, go out and subscribe to a walker's newsletter, buy from them, and model yourself after their successful strategy. Walk their thoughts, walk their talk, and walk their action.

Build Your Team

Another characteristic of an internet millionaire is the knowledge that you cannot do this alone. These successful people surround themselves with great family, friends, and employees who can counsel and support them. They know how to build a great team.

But how do you find these people? I've found my best team players at marketing seminars. The people who attend them are people just like you, who are action-oriented and education-focused. They're like-minded people with the same success goals as you. Even if you believe you already know everything that will be offered at a seminar, attend it if you can. Not only will you probably receive at least one new key nugget of information, but you will almost certainly make high quality contacts. Whatever you do, remember that becoming a success and getting rich is a team sport!

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